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Solution Center Overview

Great for managing information related to solutions, equipment and products used internally or externally

Solution Center is designed to be a central repository of information related to the solutions, equipment and products an organization works with or represents. Typically, this information is not related to any specific project or sales opportunity. Examples of information found in the solution center are solution guides, user guides, training materials, marketing materials, reference information, pricing information, and discovery documents.

Solution Center Sample:

Sales Center lists all solutions with the most important fields of data that can then be used to sort, sequence or filter the list.  Multiple views can be configured and saved for future use.

Solution Workspace Sample:

When adding a solution to the Solution Center, users have the option to create a workspace for managing solution-related information. Default information for solution workspaces includes:

Details Additional solution details
Solution Documents Documents related to solution
Solution Links Links related to solution

Solution Center How-To Video: