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Partner Center Overview

Great for managing information about and collaborating with partners, vendors or contractors

Partner Center is designed to be a central repository of partners, vendors, subcontractors or other entities that users interact with for business purposes. Partner records can be created and tagged with description information. Workspaces can be created to house key documents and information related to the partner. Your site administrator can grant partners access to this area allowing collaboration on key documents and content.

Partner Center Sample:

Partner Center lists all partners, vendors, contractors along with the most important fields of data that can then be used to sort, sequence or filter the list.  Multiple views can be configured and saved for future use.

Partner Workspace Sample:

When adding a partner to the Partner Center, users have the option to create a workspace for managing partner-related information. Default information for partner workspaces includes:

Details Additional Partner or topic details
Partner Documents Documents related to Partner
Partner Links Links related to Partner
Partner Contacts Key contacts related to Partner
Partner Invoices Partner invoice library

Partner Center How-To Video: