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ServicePoint365 for Teams

ServicePoint365 for Teams is an add-in application that combines the capabilities of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Lists to maximize the value of Teams for departments and end-users.

Key features include:

  • Centralized hub for creating, managing and viewing Teams.
  • Ability to add custom fields (metadata) to a Team to allow sorting, sequencing, grouping, filtering and reporting.¬†
  • Enforce company standards and save time by automatically populating new Teams using a company template that includes channels, folders, subfolders, files, tasks (Planner) and analytics (PowerBI).

The image below shows a list projects along with sample columns of metadata. Projects can be sorted or filtered by any column. Additional columns of can easily be added. Specific views of projects can be saved and recalled later.

When a project is added to the list, ServicePoint365 automatically generates a new Microsoft Team using a template designed specifically for your company. Templates can include standard channels, folders, subfolders, files, Microsoft Planner Tasks, Power BI and more.

ServicePoint365 Video Demo