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ServicePoint365 Features

SharePoint Online Made Easy

Setting up a user-friendly SharePoint Online environment can be a real challenge. How will content be organized? Will navigation be intuitive? Can we secure/share select data? Don’t worry. We hear you.

ServicePoint365 is an Office 365 SharePoint Online App designed with an intuitive user interface and information architecture that organizes content into a structure that makes sense and takes the guesswork out of where information is created and stored. Simply apply ServicePoint365 to your Office 365’s SharePoint Online environment and start using SharePoint Online to manage your critical business information.

ServicePoint365 Centers:

ServicePoint365 Centers organize your content into an approachable hierarchy that is pre-configured for Company Intranet, Client/Prospect Management (CRM), Project Management, Proposal Management, Resource Management, Process Management, Knowledge Management and Vendor Management.

ServicePoint365 Center Example: 

When adding a information to a ServicePoint365 Center, users have the option to create a workspace for managing detailed information such as documents, calendars, contacts, tasks lists,  etc.  Each Center has a different template that is used to create the workspace.   Templates can be easily adjusted to contain only the most relevant information.

ServicePoint365 Demonstration Video:

Frequently Asked Questions:


Is ServicePoint365 just a bunch of pretty tiles?

Absolutely not! ServicePoint365 is a SharePoint Online/Azure provider hosted application that connects together 11 separate “Centers” into an environment that provides Office 365 customers with a ready-made SharePoint based collaboration environment for their internal and operational needs without the need for deep SharePoint skills.

How is ServicePoint365 priced?

ServicePoint365 is priced on a subscription basis much like Office 365.

Where can I purchase ServicePoint365?

Subscriptions can be order through Synnex’s CloudSOLV or Tech Data’s StreamOne CSP markplaces.

How is ServicePoint365 installed and configured?

ServicePoint365 is uploaded to the App Catalog in a client’s Office 365 SharePoint Online tenancy and installed from there.

What type of Office 365 subscription does ServicePoint365 require?

Any user that has an Office 365 subscription that includes SharePoint Online (example Business Essentials, Business Premium, E1, E3, E5, etc.) can be licensed for ServicePoint365.

Is there a recurring annual maintenance fee?

Maintenance and updates to ServicePoint365 are included in the base subscription fee.

Can we modify ServicePoint365 to meet our needs?

ServicePoint365 comes pre-configured but clients have the ability to change many configuration options to meet their needs plus extend the functionality using normal SharePoint features and tools. Implementation assistance is from your Microsoft partner or from our network of ServicePoint365 partners to assist with any aspect of your deployment including project management, installation, configuration, modifications, migration and training.

What versions of SharePoint does ServicePoint365 work with?

ServicePoint365 was developed to be compatible with Office 365 SharePoint Online.

How do we get new features or updates?

ServicePoint365 has a unique Azure-base architecture that supports pushing out new features and updates to all clients.

How does ServicePoint365 separate itself from other SharePoint sites we are running?

ServicePoint365 is installed into its own site collection(s).

Is granular backup and restore available?

Granular backup and restore can be bundled with ServicePoint365 at an additional cost.

Does ServicePoint365 use Sandboxed Solution in SharePoint Online?

No. ServicePoint365 does not use sandboxed solutions in SharePoint Online.

Can we change the configuration of ServicePoint365 ourselves or does this require us to purchase services?

ServicePoint365 installation and setting options allow customers to change the configuration of their environment without any assistance. Configuration screens allow you to turn on/off centers, rename centers, change layout of standard workspaces and much more. Custom fields can also easily be added using standard SharePoint Online administrative functions.



Key To Our Business Growth

As a small/medium size broker, ServicePoint365 is key in providing our sales reps access to resources 24/7, ensuring sales materials are consistent/current, and providing our management team tools to efficiently manage transactions, sales opportunities and MBOs. Our CRM and document management needs did not justify a high-priced, custom-built system – which made ServicePoint365 the perfect solution – it fit our needs and budget! ServicePoint365 is a low cost solution, requiring “low tech” expertise to implement. It was painless to transition from our disjointed systems, to a centralized ServicePoint365 system (with/support of CloudAG!), and the impact was immediate! ServicePoint365 gives us the ability to do a better job in the areas we need in order to grow our business – Sales & Customer Service. We are working smarter and more efficiently – resulting in doing a better job in less time so we can take on new lines and reps. ServicePoint365 is key to our growth plan!

Minor limitations in segmenting our different client groups – just meant we needed to get used to a new norm, which is inherent in any new system. Regardless, great value for what customization you can do!

Great value proposition for businesses that need a 24/7 centralized document and sales management system – but don’t want to invest heavily in $$ or additional manpower. Product cost – ability to customize – implementation/transition time – low tech requirement . . . makes for a great business solution and easy decision to make!

Review by Lea L

ServicePoint365 Was a Great Decision For Our Business

ServicePoint365 provides us an intuitive environment to develop and manage our project documents and proposals. In addition to improving collaboration among our team, it also provides greater visibility to key information for our leadership group that needs to review and approve content. The ability to easily customize certain features to match our unique business processes led to rapid adoption of this new tool by our entire team.

Nothing. If there was a component that I did not need, I simply removed it.

We started with the highest priority centers and are gaining tremendous benefit already, We look forward to deploying content to the other centers this year.

Review by Betsy P

ServicePoint365 Helps Services Companies Deliver Consistent Quality

I have worked on many projects with professional services companies. To deliver consistent quality, the challenge is always to manage a lot of information securely, often sharing with different teams on each project. Current information must be readily accessible to all the right people. Office 365, particularly SharePoint, has all the tools needed. Now ServicePoint365 builds on this platform, using the strengths of Office 365 but reducing the need for internal SharePoint expertise or the cost of external consultancy time. It provides a ready-made template to get started and visualize content, so you can begin using it with minimal configuration. It generates new workspaces and links them, making it easy to organize, access and share content.

Nothing. ServicePoint365 is the tool that I need for my own business and for my customers.

ServicePoint365 is an ‘out of the box’ environment immediately accessible and ready to use, with minimal training.

Review by Alan B

An Incredible Asset To Our Company

ServicePoint365 has allowed us to organize our company content in a way to better serve not only our employees, but our clients as well. We have employees in several states, so having all of our documents in one place that can be accessed from anywhere has improved our efficiency greatly. ServicePoint365 is also very user friendly and easy to set up even for the most novice users.

Nothing at this time.

Review by Brittany L

ServicePoint365 For Services Companies

The ServicePoint365 solution addresses a critical issue facing the services industry…providing full-time access to project specific information for all project partners in a secure and stable environment. This solution was designed and organized specifically around the needs of a professional services companies. Great product!

We are very happy with this solution and look forward taking advantage of the flexibility that it affords.

My feeling is that if you have not evaluated this cloud based solution, then you are leaving yourself exposed to your competitors who have.

Review by Brian N

ServicePoint36365 Has Been An Asset To Our Business

ServicePoint365 has been a great way to keep all of our needed documentation in one place that can be accessed from anywhere. Many of our employees will work after hours from their homes and it is wonderful to have access to our information from anywhere. The sharing capabilities have help set us up for success 24/7.

Nothing at this time.

Review by Laura J

Great Value

ServicePoint365 is a fantastic tool to organize your project-based content in an accessible, collaborative way. We had a rudimentary SharePoint site for years, but never were able to devote the time to setting it up so that we could use it to its full potential. ServicePoint365 is incredibly easy to set up, even for someone who is not used to working in a SharePoint environment, and provides an intuitive user interface that should speed up adoption times.

Nothing at this time.

Review by SC811010123456

Improve Visibility To Content And Team Collaboration

ServicePoint365 provides us an intuitive environment to develop and manage our project documents and proposals. In addition to improving collaboration among our team, it also provides greater visibility to key information for our leadership group that needs to review and approve content. The ability to easily customize certain features to match our unique business processes led to rapid adoption of this new tool by our entire team.

Wish we would have come across ServicePoint365 sooner.

Good value for minimal investment. Has enabled us to fully utilize the features and capabilities of SharePoint.

Review by Doug R

ServicePoint365 Is A Great Tool!

It is an easy way to have your SharePoint organized in a very professional manner. It is very user friendly, and allows employees to easily organize data into one main common area. Very attractive looking interface makes it simple to navigate and locate information. You can setup syncing with any of the libraries to you computer, or mobile device. Five start product.

I did not find any weak points in the product.

Review by Andres P